Talks in 2017

To date talks have been given to:

2017 Diocesan pilgrimage fund raising lunch for JAEP, Celebration of JAEP 10th anniversary at Norwich Cathedral, St. Giles, Retired clergy and widows group, Quaker Area meeting, Sheringham parish Church, Cringleford parish church, Aylsham Quaker meeting 

Talks in 2016

Talks were given at

Exeter Quaker Meeting, Norwich Quaker Meeting, St. Giles, St. Mary Magdalene, Ipswich Road URC

September 2015 Bethlehem Evening at Norwich Cathedral

On 23 September Anne was invited by Bishop Graham and The Dean of Norwich Cathedral to speak about JAEP at an evening to bless crib figures, newly arrived from Bethlehem

Talk in March 2015 at the AGA for The Grand Priory Knights Templar held in Rothley Leicestershire

On 22 March 2015 Anne was the guest at the Annual General Assembly of the Grand Priory Knights Templar, held at Rothley near Leicester

Anne spoke about the work of JAEP. The Knights Templar have sinced pledged to financially support JAEP each year with a regular donation

Talk at St. Giles June 2014

Edmund delivered his first, well received talk to the congregation at St. Giles on Sunday 22 June. Edmund spoke of the importance of education to the people of Dheisheh.

He received the largest ever individual donation (more than £2000!) after the talk

St Giles have nominated JAEP as their charity of the month since 2008

During this time the parish and individuals within the parish have given over £8000 to JAEP

We are hugely appreciative of this generosity which has funded two of the young people from

Friends of Norwich Cathedral 13 February 2014

Anne delivered a well received talk at The Hostry of Norwich Cathedral to Friends of Norwich Cathedral. The talk which focussed on Anne's trip in April 2013 to Dheisheh & Al Quds University

was illustrated by photos and videos. The videos contained conversations between Anne & some of the students we are currently supporting financially againgst a background  of scenes from Dheisheh Camp and Al Quds University.

These videos can be found on our website under the student tab 

Bishop Graham and Ben Bradshaw in conversation 7 June 2013

Thank you to our patron, Bishop Graham and his wife for kindly opening their garden and offering us Granary Court for our fundraising evening. Over 100 people listened to Ben Bradshaw MP and Bishop Graham spent time in conversation about the Middle East covering a wide range of topics, from the impact of the current Middle East situation on the lives of Palestinians and especially those in the camps. Both spoke knowledgeably about the area and their fears for the future, for example the continued growth of settlements.

Project Talks to date



  • Aylsham Quaker meeting


  • Sheringham parish Church
  • Cringleford Parish Church


  • Quaker Area Meeting


  • Cathedral retired clergy and widows


  • Norwich Cathedral evensong followed by clebration event of 10 years since the formation of JAEP


JAEP is hosting a talk with the Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich, in conversation about the Middle East with Ben Bradshaw MP

The John Aves Educational Project (JAEP) looks forward to welcoming you at 6.30 pm on 7 June to join the Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich, in conversation about the Middle East with Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter.

Visit the Bishop’s garden from 6.30 pm, the conversation will start at 7:30 pm. This will take place at Granary Court, Bishop’s House, St Martin-at-Palace Plain, Norwich NR3 1SB.

Project Milestones


December JAEP has reached the huge milestone of raising over £100,000. The total is more than £107,000 of which £67,000 has been donated by individuals. Very big thanks to all our supporters

December JAEP raised over £800 from the sale of Christmas cards

November JAEP became an independent charity, charity number 1170414. Big thanks to Norfolk YMCA for supporting us from 2007

September JAEP finanially supported another five young people from Dheisheh to study at Al Quds University. JAEP has funded twenty two young people

Fundraising Activities

Funding received to date November 2017

£132154 Total raised to date

This is broken down as:


£13960 Trusts funds


£2578 Working in the Silence written by Maurice Hopper an Ecumenical accompanist, dedicated to John


£77235 Individual donations / standing orders


£16835 Gift Aid


£21545  fund raising from:


                Sale of Christmas cards during 2017


Visits to Dheisheh, Bethlehem & Jerusalem

November 2014 Anne returns to Dheisheh & Al Quds University

Al Quds University

Anne spent the first six days at Al Quds University, spending the time meeting and joining the classes of the students we are currently sponsoring and also students who we did sponsor who are now studying for masters degrees

Anne also spent time with tutors at the university talking about teaching,learning and assessment. The visit also included meeting with the President and Heads of Faculty at Al Quds University.

April 2013

Al Quds University gate

Anne returned in April 2013 to spend time in Dheisheh, with the staff and young people, to meet the students the project is sponsoring and to spend time with the teaching staff at Al Quds and Bethlehem Universities

November 2011

Anne returns to Dheisheh to meet Bahaa's family and the people of IBDAA. To meet the two students we were sponsoring at Bethlehem University. Also to meet teaching staff at Bethlehem and Al Quds (arabic for Jerusalem) Universities

June 2009

Bahaa's father

Anne and Ed return to Dheisheh to meet Bahaa and his family. We also spent time in IBDAA with the adults and young people who John had worked with

September 2008

Ed returns to Dheisheh and spends a month living in IBDAA

February 2007

Dheisheh Camp

Anne, Ben & Ed return to Dheisheh to discuss plans to fund young people from IBDAA to continue their education

January 2004

Yasser Arafat with Anne, Ben and Edmund

Anne, Ben & Ed visit Dheisheh to spend time with the people in IBDAA. We also met the Archbishop of Canterbury & Yasser Arafat